A book that teaches you how to find food so good it makes you cry.

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This is a book that teaches you how to find the best restaurants at home and when you travel.

More than ever, people plan their itineraries based on what they want to eat. The problem is, we’re in the age of too much information. Yelp and Google reviews are confusing and time consuming. How many times have you spent hours reading reviews, just find an “okay” meal?

Unfortunately, great restaurants get overlooked because the algorithm spits out the same restaurants over and over again. Whether it's through reviews, top restaurant lists, or social media - we're recommended restaurants all the time. But we're never told exactly how to find them.

This book is designed to teach you just that. How find the best meals of your life.

It includes 10 chapters and cheat sheets, highlighting different ways to find amazing food. Regional food maps. Resources about immigrant populations and their cuisines. Lists of ingredients and dishes to search. Local language tips to help you find trusted reviews. Holy grail phrases that have the highest likelihood of striking gold.


  • You’re the planner in your group, who likes doing research before meals or trips.
  • You build your vacation itinerary around food, and want to find the best restaurants.
  • You’re new to a city and want to explore different neighborhoods through food.
  • You’re a foodie parent and want to make date night count, at home or on vacation.


  • I will always respect the food and history of various cultures, including & outside of mine.
  • I will only provide you information backed by extensive research and/or personal experience.
  • Not only will you find new & exciting restaurants - but you’ll also feel more connected to your home & the world around you.


"Drea's ability to mix storytelling with culinary dishes is a work of art! It's a treat (hehe, puns) to be on the consuming side of someone who is so passionate about what they do, and just wants to share it with others. You'll come away with a deeper appreciation for food, and the adventures you too can experience if you let your emotions accompany you at the dinner table. 5-stars all around!" - G.A.

"You are really bringing depth to this topic and I find both your personal stories and cheat sheets engaging and insightful! I love how you teach us to find great food experiences through your unique lens, emphasizing cultural respect and the joy of discovery and how it can make our travels and place we live in more fun."  - S.S.

"The way you weave in your adventures, personality, and experiences throughout makes it feel like I'm learning and exploring food right alongside you. You've made it effortless to navigate, especially for travelers, by addressing and solving key pain points. I'll definitely be using these keywords on my next trip." - K.P.

"It’s highly informative, thorough, and your personality comes shining through making it an enjoyable read. I’m blown away by the scale of research (hello maps, immigrant communities, local language cheat sheets!🤯). Not to mention the nuanced considerations that you guide the reader through. It demonstrates how much you care about the reader having an exceptional experience. Just go ahead and take my $!" - R.B.

"Before, I would organize Yelp results via "most reviewed"  but I definitely wasn't making the most of the other filters and phrases to further narrow down the choices. It's personable, well-written, and full of actionable tips. But for me, most importantly, it made me think. And possibly reevaluate how I do things.  Your book makes me want to do that in terms of food, restaurants, and cultures. I read it twice over now and I think I'll still benefit from reading it again." - M.W.


I'm Drea, a Filipino American, occasionally hipster, joyfully awkward, foodie. My blog is tasteofmytears.com because good food makes me cry. I'm super passionate about supporting small businesses, learning about new cultures, and connecting with people through food. I have a background in research and has been traveling for food for 14 years. I often get asked for food recommendations, and want to teach people how to find hidden gems of their own. I wrote this book to share my methodology that led me to the best meals of my life. Meals I still think about. After finding amazing spots, I love to share them with my friends. And after reading this book, your friends will be coming to you! =)


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A book that teaches you how to find food so good it makes you cry.

9 ratings
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